Killer Kela (back to german version)

When was your first contact with beatboxing ?
In my school days. Playing with my toys and making sound effects. listening to my dad play the drums on records and trying to copy what he did- only with my mouth.

What does it take to be a good beatboxer ?
First of all, try to sound synthetic. not like a person making noises. secondly, to not take yourself too seriously. your making noises with your mouth man, lighten up.

Who, in your opinion, are the originators of this artform ?
bobby McFerrin the Jazz singer. Very quick with his voice. Very clever man.

Where do you think is the standing of Beatboxscene right now worldwide ? Who are the Leaders today ?
Rahzel has the packaging behind him. Scratch (the roots) and myself.

You were in different Crews, what happened ?
I was in the Scratch perverts. they dispanded but i still run with all of them-they my boys. Before then i was in a crew called 360 Physicals. all aspects, 25 badboys from the southeast of England. It eventually fell through because of the number of people in the crew. Im now a member of the Rocksteady crew. Plus the russian percussion(myself, Blurum13, Vadim and Mr thing.)

How's that happened you come into the RSC?
I spent some time with Tuff Tim (the man behind the uk chapter),we had a few deep conversations about things(soon after the s.p's split) he spoke to crazy legs, legs remembered me from the Uk Breakdance Championships and was like, yeah put this incredibly hansum guy down.

You ever were involved in Battles, and if, you lost, you won?
in my early years of getting known, i battled a few times. But looking at it now, beatboxing was and still is fragile. nowadays i wouldnt battle. not without putting money on the table.

What about Michael Winslow ?
What battle him??? he's nice! a very clever and funny man.

You're from the UK, London, Brighton. How's the Hip Hop Scene in the UK right now ?
Its very progressive and probably one of the best scenes in the world. Not only for Hip Hop but for new music in general. Very influential

.Are there existing different Techniques to be named, like the DJs do gave their Scratches Names?
I give them names. names like clicks etc. but i mostly reffer the noises and sounds to the names of the sounds im doing. i used to write my sets down in musical form. But i freestyle more nowadays. i have dozens of noises now that i can serve well with. i dont need to write.

Which other music directions influences you ?

most things apart from house music and tecno. i love taking in music, eating it and shitting it out in a different direction. people sometimes ask me; 'why the fuck are you listening to that shit?'. Im a bboy. i need not proove that. im all about expanding my mind, progressing and being a better person for it.

Did you ever played in regular Live Bands ?
i used to be in a punk band when i was really young(13,14), didnt last long. the band i was working with were hopelessly unorganised man. Im now workinng with the russian percussion. 2 djs, 1 mc, a rhodes player and myself.

What is your main goal in Beatboxing ?
Not to be the best at making noises! to be recognised as an inovator and to make people of all ages smile and laugh. entertain people.

What we will hear from you in the future ?
I have worked with a number of people. tracks with; Vadim, Roots Manuva, Dj Puncroc, Scratch perverts, TTC/12 Monkeys crews(paris), The Waxollusionists(austria), Dj Hype(berlin), Plus my own ep called 'all terrain left handed thinker'(jazzfudge) feat. Akrobatik(rawkus), Dj plus one, my boys the Audio cooks, Lindy Layton and more. yeah baby!

You did very long touring with the Russian Percussion, how you survived ?
We did over 95 shows in 3 months. Plus more the following year. plus my own shows. i still question what this has done to me socially. you do loose touch with things. sleep mostly.

Heard you got beef with Herc ? (just kiddin') he upset me once.

Last Words to the people out there... yo, dont play.......dominate. peace to
DJ Hype 07/00